There are various ways to make your property more appealing to potential buyers. Many of which are also cost-friendly! See our top suggestions below…

Modernising your front door – as the entranceway to your home, your front door makes a statement about your whole property. You can either look to clean or paint your current door or replace with a new one if necessary. It determines whether or not guests or potential buyers will think it’s welcoming and well maintained. It is said that viewers can make their mind up about a property within the first 8 seconds of a viewing, so first impressions really do matter!

Maintaining windows and paintwork – repainting your windows and woodwork outside your property can cost up to around £500 and can make a huge difference to the appearance of your home. Washing your existing windows/door outside can also make a difference if they are starting to need it. Painting can also be a good way to boost your kerb appeal, research by Dulux Weathershield found that UK house buyers were willing to pay 25% more for a property with a fresh lick of exterior paint.

Manicure your front garden – a well maintained front garden will make a house look well-cared for, this gives a good impression to potential buyers and passers-by as a well-kept exterior means a well-kept interior! There are many things you can do to make changes to your front garden, just adding a few plant pots and cutting grass or cleaning pathways will make a big difference.

A gorgeous garden will always attract more potential buyers, especially when the weather is pleasant. Stunning landscaping could add up to 20 per cent to the value of your property, so a few hours spent gardening will be well worth your effort. Cheaper fixes like hanging baskets and flowerpots either side of the front door will also make a difference.

Hide the bins – this is an easy thing to do if there is a path down the side of the property if not, a bin shed painted to match the front door is also a good idea. If neither of these are options, just ensure that they are placed to the side for viewings.

Fixing broken gutters, gates and fences – if any of these things are damaged or loose/hanging off, your property will not look as attractive to buyers as it could. Spending some time fixing these issues can boost your property’s appeal as people could be put off by a poorly maintained exterior of a property.