Whilst it’s true that the number one thing influencing a successful sale is the price, the second most important thing is the marketing.  HSBC’s ‘Beyond the Bricks’ survey report has found that 89% of people looking for a property, begin their search online. This really emphasises how important it is to make your home stand out from the crowd with the use of professional photos.

At Henry Philips Residential, we only ever use professional photography to ensure your property looks its very best for the market place. We have worked with the same property photographer for all our listings – he understands our exacting standards and knows precisely how we wish our properties to be presented to the market. Together we know how to create the best images possible of your home, and it’s these images which will ultimately draw in buyers to come and view.
To be clear, creating excellent property photographs takes great skill, experience, and the right equipment. An agent turning up to photograph your home with their own DSLR camera, is not professional marketing. It’s a cost-saving (and dare I say, lazy) exercise which will not show your property in its best light and will not facilitate a successful sale.

“Having great images is essential when making an impression on home hunters.”
– Rightmove

Here at Henry Philips Residential, we provide our professional photography service at no charge to our clients. We will arrange for our independent photographer to visit your home at a time which suits you, and we will also produce a floorplan, video and virtual tour.

At the time of writing, we are seeing lockdown coming and going but the property world is going to be very different; there will be less physical property viewings in order to protect all parties, and as a result, providing a true representation of the property using virtual marketing is essential, now more than ever before.

Remember, the photographs of your home are the first thing that a potential buyer sees. According to Rightmove, great listings with great photos can attract up to 93% more leads, resulting in a sale which can be up to 32% or 3 weeks faster.

Don’t risk leaving your home languishing on the market due to poor marketing with a lazy agent. Get in touch with us here at Henry Philips Residential and let us ensure your property is presented and marketed to the high standard it deserves.